Preparing for an Upcoming Valuation

  As a business owner, you spend a tremendous amount of time and energy building your business; as such, it is important that the value of your labor is reflected accurately during a business

Understanding Payroll Expenses

  In order to thrive, businesses must compensate their employees with regular paychecks that reflect a pay scale that was previously agreed upon by both parties. It is a necessary process that all companies

Experienced Finance Professionals Help Fraud Prevention

Small business embezzlement and corporate fraud are among the biggest fears companies face. Once you discover it, there’s a limited opportunity for recovery, even if you litigate and seek prosecution against the trusted employees

Acquisition and Merger Due Diligence

Due diligence is arguably the most important part of an acquisition or merger. Having an outside group review the financial statements and other important documents is a great way to make sure to reach

Audit Prep

NOW CFO consultants provide years of audit prep expertise preparing companies for audits. We offer consultants with experience as auditors that will complete the auditor’s checklist. The checklist often appears as a foreign language

ASC 606 – What It Means for Business Owners

ASC 606 – What It Means for Business Owners Every time there are changes in accounting rules, most companies usually have one of the following reactions towards the changes Ok… What now? Is this

Am I Carrying Too Much Inventory?

How much inventory is too much? This can be a complicated question for some companies, especially those who sell a lot of different products. If a company does not have enough inventory they will