Preparing for an Upcoming Valuation

  As a business owner, you spend a tremendous amount of time and energy building your business; as such, it is important that the value of your labor is reflected accurately during a business

Understanding Payroll Expenses

  In order to thrive, businesses must compensate their employees with regular paychecks that reflect a pay scale that was previously agreed upon by both parties. It is a necessary process that all companies

Experienced Finance Professionals Help Fraud Prevention

Small business embezzlement and corporate fraud are among the biggest fears companies face. Once you discover it, there’s a limited opportunity for recovery, even if you litigate and seek prosecution against the trusted employees

Am I Carrying Too Much Inventory?

How much inventory is too much? This can be a complicated question for some companies, especially those who sell a lot of different products. If a company does not have enough inventory they will

Need a CFO Immediately? NOW CFO Can Help

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you know that it’s important to maintain detailed, accurate, and thorough accounting. If you’re going through large or small business restructuring, you may need