NOW CFO CEO Jim Bennett

A Conversation with NOW CFO’s Jim Bennett: Featured on Biz Builders Podcast with Andrew Haines

September 22, 2020

Episode #3 Jim Bennett: CEO of NOW CFO | Biz Builders with Andrew Haines

NOW CFO’s founder and CEO, Jim Bennett was featured on Episode 3 of Biz Builders podcast with Andrew Haines.

Andrew Haines is a Sports Executive and Entrepreneur. Andrew has spent the last 20+ years helping people build businesses and has recently started a podcast to interview a variety of entrepreneur’s and key people that have also started and built businesses. Andrew’s classic refrain is to jump in and do it when it comes do following your passions. It’s easy to get hung up on all the things you don’t know, but the only way to truly learn is to do.

In his interview, Jim says, “The key to success is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Our whole goal is to create financial visibility.” Jim takes us back to his humble beginnings and just how NOW CFO came to be. Founded in 2005, NOW CFO is now in 31 markets spanning across 13 states and growing every day. Jim shares some of the risks and fears that he faced in the upbringing of NOW CFO.

Jim agrees with Andrew’s refrain when Jim says, “Don’t’ be unhappy at a job.” Jim said, “It can be scary, but you must look at what will make you happy. That is a big piece of all this. It will be a great ride, and I can’t imagine doing something else the last 15 years.”

This in-depth conversation with our CEO Jim Bennett is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

About Jim Bennett: Jim Bennett founded the consulting firm NOW CFO in 2005 and is a Managing Partner working from the Salt Lake City, Utah office. NOW CFO has offices in 31 markets spanning 13 states, with plans for sustained growth. The NOW CFO consulting practice provides outsourced CFO, Controller and Staff Accountant consulting services for companies representing a broad range of industries. For more information about Jim Bennett and NOW CFO, go to or call (877) 884-0232.

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