Annual Operating Plans And Financial Strategies

Make Clear, Actionable Goals
For Your Business

Why You Need An Annual Operating Plan

Creating a clear, actionable Annual Operating Plan (AOP) is essential for optimal efficiency in your business. An AOP is a framework that clearly outlines the allocation of your business’s resources. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) financial resources, human resources, and physical resources. With a clear strategy and achievable goals, you can meet and even exceed your annual objectives.


Inside An Annual Operating Plan


Define the most important goals for your business regarding achieving your Year-over-year (YOY) revenue profit targets.

Resource Allocation

Align (and possibly adjust) your annual budget to create the most efficient spending strategy to meet your AOP objectives.


Outline priority tasks and allocate your human resources (employee work hours) to set tasks.


Set realistic deadlines for your employees’ various activities and tasks.

Quality Controls

Identify inefficiencies and develop remedial initiatives that increase both product quality and improve the quality of employee deliverables.


Determine which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you will use to measure progress throughout the year. Identify “leading” KPIs that will inform future progress, compared to “lagging” KPIs that confirm patterns from historic data.

Progress Reporting

Track and report the progress on your KPIs. Use progress reporting tools including calendars, SaaS project management tools, and even regularly scheduled meetings.

Team Cohesion

Keep your team/employees up to date and on the same page with weekly meetings focused on KPI progress and track their progress on a regular basis.

Tackle Project Implementation With NOW CFO

Fostering consistent growth of your business is contingent upon the successful implementation of a well-developed Annual Operating Plan (AOP) that is both realistic and challenging.

NOW CFO specializes in strategic financial services including Annual Operating Plan development and project implementation. We can help with the most granular, specialized projects as well as broad, overarching business objectives.

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Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Strategic Financial Services

Creating a comprehensive annual operating plan does not need to feel overly daunting or time-consuming with the help of NOW CFO. Our vast network of accounting specialists, including interim CFOs, Controllers, and Staff Accountants, have decades of experience. No matter what field your business is in, our expert consultants can craft detailed financial strategies and AOPs that are up to date with the latest industry standards and technological developments.

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