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Let The Professionals Handle Your Reporting

Establishing a friendly, trusting relationship with your auditors and lenders can be a time-consuming process. It requires consistently detailed and accurate financial reporting on your business dealings. One incorrect report could be damaging to your reputation and to your company.

So why leave something so important to chance? Especially when it could impact your relationship with lenders, investors and other important agencies. Instead, work with NOW CFO to find an experienced outsourced consultant in your area to fulfill all of your financial reporting needs accurately. NOW CFO’s consultants have years of experience in producing accurate financial reports that will satisfy regulatory agencies, auditors, lenders and investors.

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What Can A Financial Reporting Manager
Do For You?

Financial reporting managers and departments have cyclical periods of strenuous demands. By outsourcing and augmenting your reporting team with a seasoned financial reporting manager on a project or part-time basis, your team will receive exceptional training and valuable reporting models that are now yours when the project ends.

Our reporting managers are efficient and skilled at producing accurate financial statements in a timely manner to satisfy all SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) requirements. This provides companies with highly specified, data-driven performance metrics for present and future revenue streams.

Outsourcing your complex reporting provides you with a qualified expert who oversees your financial results to ensure that strategic, timely decisions can be made with confidence for the success of the business. Our consultants are also required to be able to process and report sales margins, budget analysis, forecasting methods, and other important operational metrics.

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Public Company Accounting

Companies that are publicly traded have extremely strict financial reporting rules and deadlines. They must comply with all federal requirements including all new accounting standards and pronouncements. NOW CFO reporting managers have the experience and expertise to assist in financial reporting for public issuers.

Our consultants are efficient and skilled at delivering accurate financial statements in a timely manner that will satisfy your SEC requirements. We can determine the appropriate accounting treatment for complex transactions and draft the technical memorandum to support it. NOW CFO can assist with the following tasks:

  • 10-K
  • 10-Q
  • Draft financial statements (footnotes and disclosures)
  • Annual report
  • Shareholder delivery
  • GAAP and federal compliance
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