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NOW CFO Custom Project Management

At NOW CFO, we understand that there are going to be specific and unique projects that arise where you don’t have the staff onsite with the skills needed to get the job done. You can count on NOW CFO to meet your specific business and financial needs.

Whether that’s…

  • A certified Quickbooks Pro Consultant to help manage organizational accounting reports, or…
  • A fraud consultant who specializes in forensic audits, fraud investigations, asset recovery and more.

Utilizing our vast network of financial consultants with great knowledge and diverse backgrounds of experience and education, NOW CFO has the ability to outsource accounting services and specialists with the proper resources and experience to meet our client’s needs.

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Where Does NOW CFO Fit In To Your Business?

Many times a business requires a seasonal or singular project to be completed, that their accounting department either doesn’t have the time for or the skills needed to complete the project. In such cases, NOW CFO can come in on a temporary basis to augment your staff with our outsourced solutions to complete your project expertly and efficiently.

Other times, a company requires a specialist they don’t have in house to tackle or provide insight on a specific project. Different industries have certain accounting nuances and compliance regulations. If you do not have the right person for the job, it can harm your profitability. NOW CFO can provide the proper professional with the needed expertise to complete the project while meeting the specific requirements and regulations of your project, without having to hire in-house.

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Specific Roles And Projects We Provide

NOW CFO provides skilled financial professionals for a variety of specialty roles and services for all levels of strategy and project implementation. Below are just a few examples:

  • QuickBooks Pro Consultants
  • Forensic Audit Analysis and Recovery
  • Forensic Audit and Asset Recovery Services
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QuickBooks Pro Consultants

QuickBooks from Intuit is the world’s leading accounting software package for emerging to medium sized companies and organizations. NOW CFO offers these same portfolios of products and services that go beyond accounting. Whether brick-and-mortar or on the Web, from home-based businesses to firms with hundreds of employees, we can support and implement any aspect of your organization’s accounting system from procurement to customization and ongoing training. Our solutions will help you realize the full potential of your current or new accounting system with solid business management and accounting practices.

custom project management

Specialized Consulting Projects

  • Accounting software
  • Fraud analysis and recovery
  • ASC 606 compliance
  • Risk analyst
  • Cost accounting
  • Industry specific needs
  • Financial restatement
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Inventory management
  • Valuation advising
  • Divestiture advising
  • Transaction advising
  • Funding assistance
  • Operational accounting

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