Audit Preparation

Prepare For A Successful Audit

Strengthen Audit Preparation Efforts With NOW CFO

An impending audit can be a source of dread for even the most well-organized business owners. Fortunately, with NOW CFO, you will not be alone in your efforts.

Our Audit Preparation Services Include:

  • Drafting audited financial statements and footnotes
  • Preparing loan officer deliverables
  • Interfacing with auditors and bank personnel
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Leave The Audit Preparation To Our
Team Of Experts

Our team of consultants bring extensive experience across a wide variety of industries. Thanks to our years of experience preparing audited financial statements, completing account reconciliations, and drafting all appropriate documents for an audit, outsourcing your audit preparation to us makes the process incredibly stress-free for our clients.

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Audit Preparation Services

  • Roll-forwards
  • Consolidations
  • Cash flow tie-outs
  • Draft financial statement and footnote disclosures
  • Tie-out binders
  • Research accounting concepts and concerns
  • 606 preparations
  • Business improvement reviews
  • Financial reporting process implementation
  • Preparation for future audits

The Value of Audit Preparation

  • Business improvement reviews
  • Financial reporting process implementation
  • Timely completion of an audit
  • Achieving added third-party stakeholder comfort
  • Cost reduction of audit overages
  • Improved employee and management time efficiencies
  • Reduction of audit risk for audit clients and prospective audit clients
  • Improvements to clients' procedures and staff capabilities
  • Opportunities for effective staff scheduling
  • Reduction of on-site staff downtime
  • Reduction of the need for negotiations of overage costs
  • Timely completion of an audit
  • A added third-party stakeholder comfort
  • Reduction of overall audit cost
  • Improvements to employees' and management's capabilities thereby increasing their productivity

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